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About Us

Sikiang kennel has been set up in 1995 when our first World Champion Illa od Biserne Ogrlice had a puppy.

Zmaga Begojev-Klofutar has started breeding Pekingese dogs after retiring from her profession as an architect. She became a professional breeder while winning numerous awards with our dogs around the world.

Our Pekingese live with us in a family environment and are very active dogs. Many breeders keep their dogs in cages. These dogs may grow a better coat because they rarely walk but they are underdeveloped and they very often loose their distinct character.

Find out more about breed standards and read on Pekingese origin or visit our picture galleries puppies and shows.




"We love our puppies since they always bring play and joy into our life. They live with us in family environment and they live a happy dog life"

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