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About the Breed

It is generally acknowledged that out of all the toy breeds, the Pekingese is the most adapted to be a pet. It is hardy, courageous, decorative and companionable with character and personality.

A person who does not know or understand a Pekingese, may assume that they are merely stupid lap dogs. On the contrary, Pekingese are most active and sporting little creatures. They are as much at home running in the country as they are in a flat in a city.

Pekingese have no equal. They are the perfect aristocrat. They have a will of their own. While acknowledging all their natural qualities it has to be admitted that much of their present intellect depends on how they are brought up.

By means of constant companionship, patient training and scientific breeding, pekingese have been produced that they are as mentally alert as they are physically perfect. The Pekingese have reached a very high standard.

Learn more about Pekinese origin and today's standards or visit our picture gallery - puppies and shows.




"Pekingese are the perfect aristocrats. They have to be treated with kindness and understanding as would a human being."

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